BBC World Service Television News & Me

During 2010, my production company Goodness Media Productions Ltd, produced a series of 20 half hour documentaries for the BBC on the big business ideas that would change the world. The series was filmed in 20 countries over 9 months and is the most ambitious filming project commissioned by BBC World News.

It was seen in 200 countries and was broadcast to 299 million households 1.8 million hotel rooms filled with at least 1.8 million bored business men and women looking for something to watch.

Excerpts from the series can be found on a dedicated website created by the BBC.

If you fancy watching any of it, go to

Some Numbers from the series:

  • We featured 77 different companies and a further 43 organisations.
  • We interviewed 150 people
  • I travelled in 20 different modes of transport:  Train, Bicycle, Commercial airline, Tick Tuck (Indian Taxi!), Ferry, Electric Car, Hydrogen car, Bus, Boat, 4×4, Helicopter, Cessna small plane, Moped, Lorry, Station Wagon, McLaren supercar, Tiger Moth, Tractor, Taxi, and finally ….. a camel

One response to “BBC World Service Television News & Me

  1. paul johnson MD

    I have two related questions, one specific and one general;

    1) in your latest program on nanotechnology you state that;

    “Technology is also being used to model human emotional expression for recognition by machines, helping us to understand the ways emotion can impact on health, social interaction, learning, memory, and even shopping”.
    I can find no reference to such technology in your program. This is a very important subject – the social mental stress pathway to ill health is clear and needs to become a key part of health care.

    2) The role of national happiness instead of GNP -wealth – is finally recognized as a key to world health -yet under economic pressures of today it is sidelined again for restoration of GNP to keep capitalism going.

    Wouldn’t it be worth a focus of some of your highly stimulating and critical programs to address this?

    The self appraising BBC pays lip service to this topic and BBC global health won’t even discuss it. When the founder of the Davos WEF Klaus Schwab says there is a serious problem with today’s capitalism shouldn’t something innovative be happening?
    Paul Johnson MD

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